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What is included with the inflatable Igloo/Cube?

The initial rental of the inflatable igloo/cube includes flooring and speakers (the amount of speakers will be on the product page), the lighting is embedded into the structures, you may not want to use the flooring as on a dry day the surface you use may be more than suitable. All add-ons can be rented for an additional price, we recommend using the set packages, however you can customise the packages in the shop by selecting the quantities of furnishings you desire to ensure your event is exactly how you want it. You will also need to have a power supply nearby, as the inflatables will have two plugs, one for the LED lights and one for the blower.


How long will it take to set up the Igloo?

This is purely dependent on the location, site access and surface type on which you want to position the Igloo. As our igloos are inflatable, they are much more efficiently and easily set up, and take half the time of a standard marquee. It also depends on the add-ons, we will be able to give you a rough estimation on request. We aim to have the setup complete in less than an hour.


The amount on the checkout page is more than the booking?

On the checkout page it will automatically add 20% to the price of the booking, which will show across all products. The 20% is a deposit which secures the booking and is used to offset any damage to the equipment, you can then choose the payment plan that suits you to pay the remaining balance, if this isn’t made the booking will be cancelled and your deposit not returned. When the team collect the equipment they will conduct a check to ensure there has been no severe damage. As long as there is no damage beyond reasonable wear and tear, the deposit will be fully refunded.


Do you deliver to all of England and Wales?

Currently we only offer delivery within 50 miles of CV23 8EH. This covers Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and also the West Midlands.


Can you erect the Igloos on a hard surface? Also, how much space is needed?

Yes, but it may take a bit longer to set up using a different method than on grass. You will need the surface area of the inflatable structure, plus another meter all the way round the structure to be free.


I’ve seen that you offer partial payment plans?

On checkout you will have the option to choose one of the below, currently you are unable to pay the deposit and total cost of the booking straight away as we have to process the booking, the closest option to this is ThreeDayPay We currently have 3 different ways to pay:

4Pay60: 4 Equal payments over 60 days from the day the deposit is paid and the booking confirmed, this will only be accepted for bookings that are due 90 days after the deposit has been paid when securing the booking.

Pay in 3 Days: 100% of the booking total will be paid 3 days after the booking is secured with a deposit.

28Days to Pay 100% of the booking total will be paid 28 days after the booking is secured with a deposit.

All payments must be completed before the date of the rental.



What if the weather is unsettled?

Our structures are waterproof and we can also look to anchor them from additional points should the weather become too bad. Health and Safety is key for you to have an enjoyable time. However, sometimes unfortunately the weather can get in the way and we may have to re-arrange the booking. We monitor weather forecasts constantly and will contact you in advance of the booking should we be concerned that it will impact on you being able to use the equipment safely. We will also do weather checks on the morning of delivery to ensure it will be safe for the day. If you do not want to re-arrange, you will forgo your deposit.


We need to cancel, what’s the policy?

We understand life throws stuff at us that disrupts our plans. If you want to cancel more than 28 days before your booking date, we can offer 100% refund, this includes your deposit.

Cancelling with less than 28 days but more than 14 days, we will 100% refund your booking, however this will severely disrupt us and we will take 50% of your deposit to offset the costs.

Cancelling with less than 14 days to the booking, we will take 100% of the deposit but reserve the right to not refund the full amount of the booking.

Watch our FAQ video to get an idea of our streamlined process